And Just Before the Iraq Parliament Takes the Summer Off, They'll Elect Jughead Jones as Prime Minister


So you're a war-torn, occupied Middle Eastern country that's going down the crapper faster than an Extra Value Meal from the Baghdad McDonald's.

You can't go to Disneyworld just yet–fighting in the Sunni Triangle has pushed back the opening of any theme park by a couple of decades. But you can take a two-month recess, which is exactly what the Iraqi government is thinking about doing come July, regardless of what the hell is going on.

That notion has incensed U.S. pols, who themselves are known for working short hours and traveling a good chunk of the summer to escape the malaria-ridden swamps of this nation's capitol:

"If they go off on vacation for two months while our troops fight—that would be the outrage of outrages," said Rep. Chris Shays, a Republican.

The Iraq parliament's recess, starting this July, would likely come without Baghdad politicians reaching agreements considered key to easing sectarian tensions. Examples include regulating distribution of the country's oil wealth and reversing measures that have excluded many Sunnis from jobs and government positions because of Baath party membership….

"That is not acceptable," Republican Sen. John Warner said of a two-month recess. "An action of that consequence would send a very bad signal to the world that they don't have the resolve that matches the resolve of the brave troops that are fighting in the battle today."

What's the US Congress's summer looking like?

Congress leaves for four weeks each August and takes a week off, sometimes more, around prominent holidays. Lawmakers frequently adjourn for the August recess without reaching agreements on important legislation.

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  1. Finally some good news for Iraq. The only good legislative body is an out-of-session legislative body.

  2. How about this:
    And for Jefferson Brigade Political Officer I introduce Nick Gillespie.

    Commenting without coffee is sloppy. No, we don’t need another law.

  3. [pony does his trick]

  4. No wonder the Iraqi government officials oppose troop withdrawals. I mean, the troops are needed to make sure parliament has a place to come back to after vacation.

  5. and they say Iraq isn’t embracing democracy, ha!!

  6. If congress reps think they can order the Iraqi parliament back, they don’t get this democracy thing. I’m more interested in how the Iraqi constituates feel about the break. It’s possible the MPs will spend the time talking to constituants and rallying support for the government.

  7. Hmm. I’d presumed that all the Iraqi legislators had already gone to Switzerland or Dubai or Iran. That’s like a license to get blow’d up.

    We could ship our Congress over there to help out. It’s the least we could do.

  8. We could ship our Congress over there to help out. It’s the least we could do.

    Lovely idea 🙂

  9. going down the crapper faster than an Extra Value Meal from the Baghdad McDonald’s.

    Are you sure that’s the right metaphor? It probably takes forever to get the Greater Baghdad Area Roto-Rooter to show up.

  10. If an ineffective, bickering legislative body takes a vacation in the middle of Iraq, does it make a sound?

    I think they should all be forced to write essays entitled “What I Did On Summer Vacation”:

    “‘What I Did This Summer,’ by Ali Nasraf. I did not get killed. The End.”

  11. We should send Cheney too. He can walk around telling everyone that the insurgence are in their last throes. That should make them feel better. But then again, it only worked on half of our citizens.

  12. If anything, it should make life a bit easier on our troops in the Green Zone, knowing they have two months off from protecting the biggest targets in Baghdad.

  13. Don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to spend July and August in Iraq either, regardless of the combat situation.

  14. If Jug Head were to take over the Presidency here, we might be better off. At least he would safeguard the the food supply.

    The outrage in Congress stems from the fact that they actually think that the Iraqi Parliament, like the U.S. Congress, does useful work. I have my doubts about both institutions.

  15. If these folks spend all their time in Baghdad, they will start to forget what the voters think. Only Washington would think that going home for Summer Vacation was about taking time off. Maybe it’s about getting the real story about voters issues in their districts.

  16. We should let our troops take a 2 month vacation to coincide with the vacation of the parliament members, I’m sure they need it.

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