25 Years Ago in Reason


"New York's subways are notoriously bad today, and their condition, like the rubble of the South Bronx, symbolizes the municipal decay that is becoming commonplace in America."
-Peter Samuel, "Unload the Subways"

"Reagan's game plan does not go far enough. By exempting most entitlement programs from cuts and by letting the Pentagon run wild, Reagan has invited calls for increased taxes to reduce the deficit."
-Robert Poole Jr., "Slash the Deficit!"

"Anyone who doesn't dislike the Soviet Union is sort of dippy. It's a really detestable place, and it's easy to crank up a lot of dislike for them. It just sweeps you away and after awhile you don't talk about anything else."
-"Reason Interview: Karl Hess"

"Only clients who bring their own blades to the Leningrad barbers are shaved, according to the Soviet labor newspaper Trud. There is a shortage of razors in the city, even though a nearby factory produces 400 million blades a year."
-Mark Edward Crane, "Brickbats"

-May 1982