The Sincerest Form of Flattery—Creationists Call for Peer-Reviewed Papers


The International Journal for Creation Research is making an inaugural Call for Papers. The announcement reads:

IJCR is a professional peer-reviewed journal of interdisciplinary scientific research that presents evidence for recent creation within a biblical framework.

Addressing the need to disseminate the vast field of research conducted by experts in geology, genetics, astronomy, and other disciplines of science, IJCR provides scientists and students hard data based on cutting-edge research that demonstrates the young earth model, the global Flood, the non-evolutionary origin of the species, and other evidences that correlate to the biblical accounts.

Under its technical review process, the IJCR outlines its paper review process:

Upon the reception of a Paper the Editor-in-Chief will follow the procedures below:
1. Receive and acknowledge the Author of His/Her Paper's receipt.
2. Review the Paper for possible inclusion into the IJCR review process.
The following criteria are to be used in judging the papers:
(a) Is the Paper's topic important to the development of the creation model?
(b) Does the Paper's topic provide an original contribution to the creation model?
(c) Is this Paper formulated within a young-earth, young-universe framework?
(d) If (c) above is not satisfied, does this Paper offer a very constructively-positive
criticism and provide a possible young-earth, young-universe alternative?
(e) If the Paper is polemical in nature, does it deal with a topic rarely discussed
within the origins debate?
(f) Does this Paper provide evidence of faithfulness to the grammatico-historical/
normative interpretation of Scripture? (if necessary refer to Walsh, R.E., Biblical
Hermeneutics and Creation, Proceedings First International Conference on
Creationism, Creation Science Fellowship, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, 1986, Vol. 1,
pp. 121–127).

The Editor-in-Chief should not be afraid to reject a Paper if it does not properly
satisfy the above criteria nor is in the best interests of ICR as judged by its Biblical
stand and goals as outlined in its Tenets. The Editors play a very important initial
role in preserving a high level of quality in the IJCR, as well as protecting ICR from
unnecessary controversy and review of clearly inappropriate papers.

Frankly, I prefer my bible thumping creationists to just ignore science instead of trying to mimick it. As Georgia Purdom, an assistant professor of biology at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mount Vernon, OH said at the Creation Mega-Conference in 2005, "God said it, that settles it."

Hat tip to frequent H&R commenter biologist.