A Different Sort Mass Killing (Zimbabwe Edition)


How is tyrant Robert Mugabe celebrating his nation's independence day? By attacking his critics near and far:

Zimbabwe marks 27 years of independence today, but mounting economic problems and a government crackdown on the political opposition have overshadowed celebrations.

Critics accuse President Robert Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, of plunging the southern African state into crisis through policies such as the seizure of white-owned farms and the lack of economic reform that has see inflation spiral to 1,700 per cent.

Mr Mugabe claims the highest inflation rate in the world and a rapidly shrinking economy  is a result of economic sanctions imposed by the West.

Yesterday, he lauded his success in beating off an attempt by "evildoers" to unseat him and urged people to be patient as his government battles the economic crisis.

Speaking at a children's party ahead of the independence anniversary, the Zimbabwean leader said he had managed to "override the little storm" he said had been mounted by the opposition and his critics in the West.

Mugabe at a children's party! Imagine the pants-wetting terror going on there as that murderous thug declaims his enemies and starts swinging at the pinata. Kids, let him win in whatever games you're playing! More here.

Over at The American, Marian Tupy offers up a four-step plan to help Zimbabwe get back on track. The quartet of suggestions–stabilize currency, liberalize trade, reform taxes, and secure property rights–is right on target. And stands no chance of being implemented as long Mugabe is drawing enough breath to confiscate land and persecute his ever-growing list of enemies.