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Brian Doherty raises a glass to R.C. Hoiles, publisher of Freedom Newspapers, over at the Orange County Register.

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  1. Sorry your book got bashed by the NYT. RFC’s Amazon sales are dropping like panties on prom night. Are you winding down the road tour? Or are you still ‘available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other special engagements’? Anything big coming up? Will you pimp it in Peoria?

  2. Warren—Keep checking for updated news on appearances, media, reviews, etc.

  3. Well, you can knock me over with a feather. The Register was started by a libertarian? We only ever read the sports section….since the LA Times guys are Dodgers homers.

    Thanks, Brian, I am going to check it out.

  4. I’m encouraged by Hoiles’ story, because I sometimes feel like a bit of an ugly duckling within the libertarian movement as I have known it. I admit that there are good reasons to be skeptical of my hypothesis, but I wonder if I’m a relatively rare Artisan in a movement made mostly of Rationals. Oh, well. (Of course, I don’t presume to guess Hoiles’ temperament type.)

  5. Just a note to say that our Commentary staff and many readers really enjoyed Brian’s terrific essay on R.C. Hoiles. It captured his passion, his beliefs, his business acumen. R.C.’s descendents are committed to keeping his ideas alive on the opinion pages of their newspapers. And, they love the news/information business! Best, Cathy Taylor, Opinion Editor, The Orange County Register.

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