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In the Politico, David Weigel curls up with Hugh Hewitt's biography of Mitt Romney.

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  1. This just in: highnumber, lover of salty ham tears Announces Candidacy For Mayor Of Dallas. Pro Liberate set to promote highnumber on Letterman.

    Happy Friday!

  2. When Mormons are in love, they celebrate by drinking water, chilled.

    How in the world does Rommney even begin to understand the Texas, Memphis, NC, SC, Barbecue, grilling, smoking issue. He will have to be conversant in these domestic topics if he is to be elected as a Republican.


  3. When Mormons are in love, they celebrate by drinking water, chilled.

    When Mormons are in DV/DA scenes they call in the stunt cock.

  4. I think being a Mormon is a wash, electorally. Those that don’t like Romney need to find another reason to pick on him.

  5. I think his Mormonism will be *an* issue–not as big as his detractors think and not as small as Hewitt thinks. That’s assuming he survives beyond the first few primaries. Which I think he very well could. His flip-flopping will be more of an issue, because it’s easier to frame that in an attack ad.

  6. Being a flip-flopper isn’t as bad as being a pandering hypocrite.

    Romney claims to be a strong advocate of wind energy – except the most sensible wind project ever proposed in the US – the Cape Wind project, which he tried to kill because it bothers rich campaign contributors who don’t like that the turbines will be visible from distant shores about two degrees above the horizon.

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