Giant Pyramid to Rise from the Deep


Fans of futuristic proprietary communities should keep their eyes peeled for the Maya Hotel (nice name), a floating pyramid off Cancun that's being designed by the Swedish company Oceanic-Creations. According to Technovelgy,

Oceanic-Creations also intends to construct hotels,

casinos, island cities and even movable vacation villages. The secret ingredient for all of these projects is a unique plastic composite material which offers built-in insulation that makes the constructions suitable for all types of climate, from the freezing cold to extreme heat. This remarkable material is reportedly up to six times lighter and 10 times stronger than steel (depending on the reinforcement material used). It is also claimed that it can cut maintenance costs by 30 to 40 percent….

More than $6.5 million has already been invested in the venture; the Maya Hotel is expected to cost $209 million to complete.

In other words, you shouldn't necessarily expect it to get completed. And for now I'll hold back my faith in that secret wonder-plastic, too, though I'm intrigued to read on CNN's site that it was previously monopolized by the Swedish military. (Does that make this more believable or less believable?) But what the hell, it's a great story, I'll blog it anyway.

The hotel is supposed to be finished by 2010, just two years before the Mayan calendar ends and civilization collapses.