Encased Meats for Freedom


Chicago issues its first foie-gras fine:

Doug Sohn, who runs Hot Doug's "The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium," agreed to pay $250 Thursday for the first-time offense.

He had been openly serving foie gras-laced hot dogs for many months at his restaurant on the city's northwest side after the ordinance banning the delicacy took effect in August 2006.

Sohn acknowledged in February that he had taken the city's warning letter about the duck or goose liver delicacy, framed it and placed it on his counter. He also advertised ingredients for the specialty dogs on a board hung near the front door and on his Web site.

Apparently, you have to work pretty hard to upset Chicago's foie-gras patrol. But all the overplayed provocation proved worth it for Sohn, who just paid a mere $250 to win himself a ton of publicity—and the hearts and minds of sadistic duck-haters everywhere. Check out Hot Doug's site here, and listen to the store's awe-inspiring theme song (sample lyric: I want the feel, I want the taste/I want the meats that are encased) here.