South Park Open Thread


The last thread didn't exactly break traffic records, but because there's some interest in tonight's episode—featuring Hillary Rodham Clinton—here's a place to talk about the episode.

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  1. All it takes is most of them.

  2. i think south park has forums for itself bro

  3. for those of us without cable, the episode will be available for download from they use a torrent system for downloading.


  4. A snizz is where you hide a snuke
    which is a tiny suitcase nuke
    You hide a snuke in a snizz
    that doesn’t get much jizz
    so no one will find your bomb
    before it gets to Boston

    You bomb Boston
    as a diversion
    for an invasion
    from Britain

  5. What? no mention of the interview with trey and matt? does everyone have the flu at Reason or something? 🙂

    Anyway, yea the whole snuke thing gave it a very Dr Seuss feel to it.

  6. Holy Christ. That was the most inappropriate thing I’ve ever seen. If they up and got rid of the first amendment tomorrow, I’d kinda understand.

    Also, did you see how they preceded it with one of the more comprehensively libertarian episodes ever–the one that says alcoholism is not a disease?


  7. I’m not sending any of my men in there.

  8. b-real, you don’t watch much South Park, do you?

  9. FFF–I beg your pardon?

  10. I love that they offered no explaination as to what ate the “I’m going in” guy’s head, or why it even happened.

    BTW, off topic, but both the Daily Show and Colbert Report had great treatments of “n-word” politics.

  11. Ya gotta love the PIAPS! South Park ’24’ Puts Snuke In Hilldog, Britain Attacks, Queen Kills Herself…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    never watch South Park

    sarcasm never works
    when exposing hypocrites

  12. That was their best episode in the past few seasons. It actually was pretty even handed in its message (Bigotry ended up saving the day and Bigotry often blinds us).

    Btw, the Redcoats were fucking funny LMAO.

  13. I just want to say that George Will is an asshole. I realize that this doesn’t have much to do with South Park, except at the subliminal level, but there it is.

    OK, I feel better. Not for long, probably, but for now.

  14. Whatever you do, Alan, DO NOT imagine what George Will looks like in the shower.

  15. DEAR PEOPLE OF REASON: If Hillary comes to a town near you to do a Q&A session please ask her if she has a snuke in her snizz.

  16. South Park pulled this before with Oprah, with a career woman not having got any action in years. Pretty mysoginistic message. Shrewd political observers will recognize her trying to fake the southern accent.

    And this idea that the world hates us is bad for national morale. Muslims and socialists hate us. That’s not the world.

  17. It was okay. The episode a few weeks ago where Butters goes to “Pray the Gay Away” camp was much better.

  18. grand chalupa: are you for real? i’m having a hard time figuring it out.

    regardless, you are rapidly evolving into a living work of art, so keep it up!

  19. The Southern accent killed me. At one point, she even did a “Well I DO declare…”

  20. “Some of them will, but most of them are willed. Some of them are genuine, but most of them are bad actors.

    There are actors without knowing it amongst them, and actors without intending it-?, the genuine ones are always rare, especially the genuine actors.”

  21. If anything, they were too gentle with the iron dingbat. The only real laugh I got out of the snuke bit came when I tried to imagine Hilldog’s reaction. Of course, the scene with the queen blowing her head off was hysterical for exactly the same reason.

  22. I just want to say that George Will is an asshole.

    I like George Will. ;(

  23. I like George Will too. 1984 is a great book.

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