I Dreamed I Saw Larry 'Bud' Melman Last Night


Calvert DeForest, a.k.a. Letterman regular Larry "Bud" Melman, has passed away at age 85. I never died, said he:

Letterman hosted a mock eulogy to Melman way back on the fifth anniversary of his NBC series. Producers prepared a touching tribute—actually a satire of schmaltzy showbiz eulogies—and the sentimental song "The Way We Were" was played. But then suddenly DeForest burst onto the stage shouting that he wasn't dead and to stop the memorial service right there.

Then he did his wacky, head-tossed-back laugh, never believable yet always contagious. He wasn't an actor to say the least, or the most, but he could summon up from nowhere this crazy cackle of fiendish delight.

Tom Shales has more here. Rest in piece, Bud: With every gag, even the lame ones, you did the world more good (and much less evil) than virtually all the politicians Reason covers every day.