Where is this health and safety thing going to end?


That's the very reasonable question being asked by a parent who has been told that his kids have to wear clip on ties to school. The Daily Express reports,

A HEADMASTER has banned his pupils from wearing their knotted ties because he thinks they are a health and safety risk.

John Peckham has ordered the 1,500 children to wear the clip-on variety instead.

Those who ignore the rule and turn up with the traditional tie have been warned they will be sent home.

Last night the move was slammed as "political correctness gone mad and barmy" by parents and education experts. They say children have worn school ties for decades without any reported injuries.

But Mr Peckham claims pupils could suffer serious injury from trailing ties in science and woodwork lessons or from having their ties pulled by classmates.

School uniforms made of bubble wrap are next.

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Disclosure: I own no stocks in apparel companies and just sold my small holding of stock in a retail footwear chain (at a loss I regret to report). Furthermore, I rarely wear ties. I usually wear T-shirts that I buy on my various travels.