Nanny State

Are California Laws Getting Too Personal?


That's the title of a fun segment from Sunday's installment of the NPR show Weekend Edition, where the reporter takes a skeptical look at various nanny state rules being hatched in the Golden State. Full disclosure: I make an appearance declaiming such things towards the end of the bit.

Go here to listen.

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  1. No, of course not, anything that helps the police keep us all off of drugs, porn, gambling, booze, tobacco, fast food and hydrogenated oils is inherintly a good thing, it’s for the children, I’m all for it.

  2. Women an minorities are allways hardest hit. That is why we need these laws, all women are imprisoned by the evil hierarchical male patriarchy. All sex between men and women is rape. I learned this in college in women studies, they wouldn’t teach it if it wasn’t true.

    Women an minorities are allways hardest hit which is why we need strict laws against all things possible and make sure everone involved is arested.

    If Jesus were alive today he would want more laws and more severe punishments.


  3. I heard that segment on sunday. Lee Anne Hanson’s segue to the next segment was “While California legislators care about their constitutent’s well-being. . . ”

    I wish she would just stick to that stupid puzzle.

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  5. Completely unrelated topic but I’m interested. Every spring my college’s “Campus Feminists” set up booths for fundraisers where they sell chocolate vaginas for 2.00 a piece

    At the same time the college republicans are setting up a display where people race through a hole in a fake fence and provide fake ID, their names being entered in a drawing for a dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

    Should I set up a booth across from them selling cream filled versions and chocolate salty balls with two latina women drawing in the crowds for the “Chauvenist Latin Society.”

    Just an idea

  6. I’m not sure, but I think that Haiku Day’s extension through the weekend somehow damaged our Karen.

  7. highnumber,

    She may be broken, but she still makes more sense than Juanita-bot.

  8. SugarFree,

    I suppose you’re right. In fact, I think I read this in one of Friedman’s Newsweek columns:

    To end the blue radish is the upside of luxury, and sparking a good lizard will only make tears fall in hindsight.

    Either Friedman’s column or Sgt Stedenko said it in Nice Dreams.

  9. That’s not our Karen. Or at least she’s using a different email address.

  10. I want the old Juanita back–the one who had a decent grasp of grammar and spelling.

  11. I can deal with the bad spelling and grammar, it’s the cutting and pasting from one thread to another that is irritating the fuck out of me.

  12. Hmph, NPR… “so-called nanny state laws”. They’re too kind.

    It’s for the children. Why do you hate freedom, Mr. Gillespie.

  13. Karen is taking a leave of absence. She’s been suffering undue stress and will be spending the next few weeks at an undisclosed location where she can receive the proper care and treatment for her… condition. Please be patient.

  14. Many people might be confused and think that Karen was a resident of Berserkely or Santa Cruz, or the 4th moon of Wagga Prime. Or perhaps they think she was having a major psychotic break, or that she was tripping on all the acid in San Fran.

    No, gentle readers, the truth is much more frightening than that. Obviously Karen is a member of the California legislature.

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