The Gentle Side of Rudy G


Over at Politico, Ben Smith has unearthed a late '80s' Rudy G for mayor commercial that seems to be from a different planet: It features his then-wife Donna Hanover talking up the former prosecutor's soft side while showing a suspiciously hirsute Rudy playing ball with his son Andrew, feeding a baby, etc.:

"Integrity. That's the first quality that comes to mind when I think of Rudy.

"He's honest, and he's very kind.

"When I first met Rudy, he seemed strong, and at the same time gentle. And I liked that.

"I thought, this is the kind of man I want to be the father of my children.

"And Rudy is such a great dad. I wish all the people who think he's so tough could see him with children.

"That's the real Rudy."

If nothing else the clip below proves that nothing ages worse than political ads. More here.