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In Radar magazine, Brian Doherty fleshes out the history of the libertarian movement and explains the creation of Radicals for Capitalism.

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  1. Brian,
    You’re suppose to be pimping Radicals and I keep hearing about Burning Man. Are we getting a skewed sample, or is R4C too long and boring?

  2. Looks like Doherty has a bit of an Irish sun tan. Burning Man indeed 🙂

  3. nice shocker.

  4. Warren—the radar thing became more a general profile of my wonderfulness than strictly a new book hawking device. I cannot control what angle or questions reporters ask–and I’m happy to discuss both my books. R4C is absolutely compelling throughout and would be short at twice the length….

  5. Check out the picture on the Reason front page for this story. B-Doh is not flashing the horns, he’s giving the inverse finger.

    Brian, when you flash the horns, it’s pinkie and index finger up. Only the pinkie and the index.

  6. I though Radar was a magazine dedicated to the acting career of Gary Burghoff.

  7. nice article but as any burner knows ‘hippie’ is used as a curse word on the playa…As a burner I hate the dirty hippie bastards…also the whole ‘burning man is just about drugs and partying’ line gets tiring, anyone whose bothered to go will see how much work/money people put into the art and setting up their camps — it is about a lot more than that — not that I don’t like doing drugs and raving until dawn playa-side but there is soo much more…

  8. I though Radar was a magazine dedicated to the acting career of Gary Burghoff.


    (thought you were great as Hawkeye’s companion on MASH, BTW!)

    Two M.A.S.H. references in two days.
    That’s it. I have had enough. Cancel my live bookmark.

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