Reason Happy Hour, March 8 2007

And you were there!


The scene at the bar. In center: Mike Alissi, publisher of Reason.

Jeremy Lott.

Jesse Walker, Kerry Howley, and Katherine Mangu-Ward.

Mike Flynn and John Fund of The Wall Street Journal. (In background: David Mark of The Politico.)

Frank Conry, Eric Pfeiffer of The Washington Times and Russell Berman of The New York Sun. (In background: Michael Moynihan of Timbro.)

On left: Gene Healy of the Cato Institute and Sasha Volokh.

Cathy Young and Radley Balko.

Megan McArdle.

Marcus Epstein, John Vaught LeBeaume, and Stephen Gordon.

J.P. Freire and Laura McGann of Dow Jones.

David Kirby of America's Future Foundation and Anastasia Uglova of the Cato Institute.

Megan McArdle with Reason columnists David Weigel and Cathy Young.

Jason Talley of Bureaucrash and Christine Hall of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.