Attn, DC Reasonoids: Reason Happy Hour, Tonight, Thursday, March 8 at 6.30PM


Nick Gillespie, Jesse Walker, Radley Balko, Kerry Howley, Dave Weigel, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Ron Bailey invite you to come and celebrate the publication of Reason's April issue on Thursday, March 8, at 6.30pm at the upstairs bar at Dragonfly (1215 Connecticut Avenue NW).

We'll also raise a glass in absentia to Reason Senior Editor Brian Doherty, whose new book, Radicals for Capitalism: A Free-Wheeling History of the Modern Libertarian Movement, is drawing rave reviews from the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and others.

We'll be giving out Reason stickers, randomly sized T-shirts (to the first 15 folks to show up), and copies of the April issue, which features rollicking stories such as:

"Be Afraid of President McCain: The frightening mind of an authoritarian maverick";

"It's Our Job To Stop That Dream: The endless futile work of the Border Patrol";

"Bums: An illustrated guide to homelessness"; and

"Florida's Forgotten Rebels: Rediscovering the most successful slave revolt in American history."

See you on Thursday.

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