Hit & Run, Sniped All Week Long


Over at what's been called "the Jewish Slate" (at least by it editors), Jewcy, Hit & Run is being discussed this week in a very special section called "Moveable Snipe."

Essayist-novelist Daphne Merkin (yeah, the spanking lady) and National Review's John Derbyshire (yeah, the kung fu castoff) take aim at this here blog along with James Wolcott's furballs, Kesher Talk's Islamofascist-baiting, DesignObserver's whatever, and Matt Yglesias's political confessions. As with most media criticism, the only loser is the audience. How they intro H&R:

2. Reason's Hit and Run: The Cato Institute meets the Sex Pistols under the leather-dudded stewardship of Nick Gillespie (full disclosure: he's a bud of mine and was very kind to me during my abortive D.C. stint at Wonkette a year ago). Reason specializes in collective editorial blogging and unity of voice. Not like 'round these parts with the Trotsky-this, K-Fed-that.

I don't know about you, but when I hear Cato Meets Sex Pistols, I reach for my Sigue Sigue Sputnik bazooka.

But if snipe is the order of the day, here's a steaming pile of snark (and let me preface this with a Don Ricklesque admission that I admire both writers' work in various ways): Pay special attention to the Derb's author photo, which seems alternately to conjure the mug shot of an unrepentant serial killer who finally cracks after days of interrogation and an unmasked British triple agent, who's about to go into one of those, "Don't you see, it's all a game?" speeches at the end of a Graham Greene "entertainment." As for the Merk: check out the link above re: spanking lady, which includes a 2006 pic of her and then check out the sepia-toned shot at Jewcy, which appears to be from the days when she rode with Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.

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