Shaq Fu Yung


Shaquille O'Neal, last seen storming into the wrong house as part of a Virginia SWAT team, is about to burst into the exciting world of anti-obesity politics. Explains the Associated Press:

Shaquille O'Neal will be taking a shot at a TV reality show focused on childhood obesity and health.

The series, being filmed in Broward County, Fla., will track the lives of the children involved. O'Neal will be on hand as booster and, in episodes yet to be shot, will lobby politicians on causes including school nutrition, Daily Variety reported Monday.

What is it with fat-kid-TV and ironic casting? We're still waiting for that promised Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen nutrition show. And as Baylen Linnekin points out , Shaq's BMI is off the charts.

Wikipedia on Shaq Fu here.

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  1. …last seen storming into the wrong house…

    That would be a Shaq Attack.

    BTW, my BMI is better than his. But I can’t shoot from the outside for crap.

  2. Neither can he.

  3. Think about how bad things are these days: Shaquille O’Neal has come to represent everything that is wrong with America.

  4. The problem with Shaq’s BMI is the BMI, not Shaq.

    He can get a little heavy at times, but he’s “heavy for an athlete” not over-fat.

    Though I was watching the 1993 All Star game recently, and damn was he skinny back then. I never remembered him that thin. Of course as we all know, any adult who gains any weight Definitely uses steroids. Though I suspect Shaq uses the fork like I do ( Ive gained about 60 pounds in the last decade and I look like Barry Bonds, but its all eating in my case.)

  5. On the other hand, school lunches ARE shit.

  6. The BMI is borderline meaningless.

    Far more useful is comparing the body-fat percentage to the muscle-mass percentage.

  7. I guess the genie really is out of the bottle. KAZAAM!!!

  8. The use of BMI is misleading. I’m 6″ 7″ with an BMI of 30 and a 38 inch waist. Which isn’t perfect but not exactly obese either. BMI work best for average heights (i.e. it’s a squared function not an cubic one). So it should be even more misleading at Shaq’s height.

  9. BMI? bwahahahahahahahaha

    A few years back when I was really taking good care of myself, eating well, running 3 or 4 miles several times a week, with a resting heartrate in the low 50s and a cholesterol level most people would kill for, I was just into the overweight range according to the BMI.

    The BMI really deserves a scathing Sam Kinnison-esque rant.

  10. Re: Shaq stands for what’s wrong with America.

    I training for, and becoming A Deputy Sheriff has anything to do with the illness in America, we need more of the same.
    As for his raiding the wrong house; he is a deputy, not the commander that sent them to the wrong house. Dep’s Follow orders, they do not make them. God blees him for siding with the good guys while many of our kids’ heros are turning to gangsters and drugs.

  11. Do (lack of) remedial English lessons have anything to do with what’s wrong with America? Just wondering…

  12. Can’t say I’ve watched the NBA in a few years (what with my deep-seated fear of tattoos), but I remember reading old articles on Shaq that said he had a body-fat percentage of something like 6%, which is excellent.

    I have no idea why I’m defending Shaq right now. Perhaps I simply miss my old “Shaq Diesel” rap album…

  13. Must be a different Shaq from the one who used to do Burger King commercials.

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