Musical Impersonations


Friday fun link #1: Dylan Hears a Who.

Friday fun link #2: John Belushi's finest hour.

NEXT: There Is Power In A Union. Hint, Hint.

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    Awesome! Totally Awesome!

  2. The “record player” (turntable) graphic really sends this over the edge. Excellent!

    Tom Accuosti
    The Tao of Masonry

  3. The Dylan link had me going for a minute. Well made.

    I think Belushi’s finest hour was doing Rollo w/ Frank Zappa’s outfit on SNL (Saturday Night Live).

    I’d post a link but, because of Zappa’s abuse of SNL’s unionized musicians (forced overtime, take home work, ridicule as motivator) neither of Zappa’s SNL appearances were ever allowed to DVD.

    To make matters worse, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by NBC Universal” is what replaces all the Zappa-on-SNL VHS rips posted to youtube.

  4. I love Dylan’s music…and the Dylan link is awesome even tho it isn’t Bob…could pass for him tho lol…

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