Bill Kristol in Pajamas?


A historic moment: Over at The Weekly Standard's blog, Bill Kristol is lured into writing his first ever blog post by the "unhinged" "fringe" commenters at Huffington Post, and their homicidal tendencies:

Arianna disapproves of those of us who called attention to the comments posted on her site Tuesday morning lamenting the failure of a suicide bombing in Afghanistan Tuesday to kill Vice President Cheney. These commenters "make up a very, very small unrepresentative portion of our readers," she now assures us.

How does she know? If the HuffPost commenters are unrepresentative of HuffPost readers, how does she divine the views of her readers?

Enlighten us, Arianna. Poll your readers. Ask them: Are they pleased that the attempt against Vice President Cheney failed? Are they grateful that he is alive and well? Do you hope the U.S. prevails in Afghanistan? In Iraq?

And if the poll turns out the way you hope, perhaps you should arrange to moderate the commenters so they don't convey the impression that your readers are–as you put it–"unhinged" and "fringe."

No word on whether Kristol was sitting at home in his pajamas when he wrote this.