Nanny State

Making the Last Angry Man Just a Little Less Angry (Gillespie on Canadian Radio Edition)


Last week, I traveled to Canada to give a talk to the Montreal Economic Institute, a great free-market and libertarian think tank in Quebec. The topic of my talk was how smoking, trans fat, foie gras, and other similarly buttinsky bans infantilize adults and undermine a truly liberal society.

While I was up there, I did a radio show hosted by Beryl P. Wajsman, the self-described (and highly entertaining) last angry man referenced in the title of this post. To listen to his amusing rant about how unsafe (yet secure) childhood was a generation ago and about 15 minutes of me arguing that, in spite of endlessly multiplying nanny state intrusions into everyday life, things are actually pretty swell in this modern world, go here.

And check out Wasjman's Institute for Public Affairs, including the provocative journal Barricades, by going here.