Hey, How's the Hunt for OBL Going?


The Scotsman reports:

The [British] Ministry of Defence funded a secret study to ascertain whether people with psychic powers could help protect the nation, it emerged last night.

A former Ministry of Defence employee who received a copy of the report has claimed that the timing of the study suggests security services wanted to "remotely view" hidden weapons caches in Iraq and find Osama bin Laden.

The study, which actually took place way back in 2002, had "novice" psychics guessing the contents of envelopes. It didn't go so well (one psychic fell asleep while divining an answer), but at least one former MoD employee is upbeat:

"I don't think this was a waste of public money. Many people will say so, but I think it is marvellous that the Government is prepared to think outside the box. And this is as outside the box as it gets."