Nanny State

Fat Girl Scouts Hate You


I just bought a late season box of Girl Scout cookies at the liquor store in my neighborhood, thinking I was being virtuous to choose thin mints over gin. Apparently not, according to MeMe Roth, whose organization has proposed a boycott:

"Girl Scout Cookies are high-calorie, high-sugar, high in saturated fat and nearly devoid of nutrition. Using young girls as a front to push millions of cookies onto an already bloated population further exacerbates an alarming crisis, no matter how cute the uniforms are. The Girl Scouts sell up to 200 million boxes yearly—that's about one box for every overweight American."

And then there's this, also from Ms. Roth:

"I've always cringed at young females identifying themselves with baked goods. And I'm not convinced more cookies makes the world a better place."

The New York Times has it right in the lede, though the rest of the article wimps out:

In the grand scheme of the world's horrors, those Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos and Tagalongs don't quite register up there with Al Qaeda, global warming or the cable television coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death as clear and present dangers to the general health and welfare.