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An Inconvenient Concert Series


Drudge links to a Financial Times story about Al Gore's soon-to-be-announced plans to host a series of linked concerts in July that will call attention to global warming. The organizers

are promising a line-up of artists to "dwarf" that of the Live8 and Live Aid concerts, thought to be branded under the name "SOS".

One person close to the event said yesterday: "The talent involved is just exponentially bigger because the issue itself is bigger.

"Live Aid was about asking people to stump up money, this is about effecting systemic change.

"The aim is not just to drive awareness but to get people to take action."

These actions are likely to include personal pledges to reduce emissions, for instance by using energy efficient equipment or flying less.

It will indeed be momentous if rock stars pledge to use EnergyStar products and curtail their jet-setting. And convince Lemmy to change Motorhead's name to Hybridhead.

More here.

The last big rockapalooza, Live 8, in which pop stars told people to push governments to raise taxes for foreign aid, didn't go over well. For more on that, go here and here.

The greatest rock cause of all time? Hands down, it's Ramone$ Aid, a.k.a. Hands Across Your Face: