"The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves"—Not So Fast, Say Kentucky State Regulators


Kentucky state regulators want a judge to lift the religious tax-exemption of the Christian Care Ministry that runs the Medi-Share program. Why? Because it's too much like health insurance. Not being a lawyer, I won't try to delve too deeply into the minutia of insurance regulatons other than to say that more people would be able to purchase affordable health insurance if states imposed fewer mandates, regulations, price controls and whatnot.

On the tax exemption issue–employers get to fully deduct what they pay for their employees' insurance, so by analogy, I have no big problem with Medi-Share getting a tax break too.

Medi-Share appears to me to be exactly the kind of innovative effort in trying to pay for health care that we want to see. Medi-Share is reviving the tradition of mutual aid pioneered by fraternal organizations in the early 20th century. Of course, the law needs to step in if the flock is being fleeced, but otherwise the regulators should butt out.