Finally, A Weight Loss Program I Can Stick To…


Low-carb, low-fat cannabis is the gift that keeps on giving:

Britain's GW Pharmaceuticals Plc said Tuesday it plans to start human trials of an experimental treatment for obesity derived from cannabis.

Cannabis is commonly associated with stimulating hunger. Several other companies, including Sanofi-Aventis with Acomplia, are working on new drugs that try to switch off the brain circuits that make people hungry when they smoke it.

GW Pharma, however, says it has derived a treatment from cannabis itself that could help suppress hunger.

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  1. Was I the only one who read that as “…an experimental treatment for obesity derived from cannibals?”

  2. Yes, you were the only one. How does it feel to be so alone?

  3. THAT is so… so… wrong.

  4. In fact, there was a story a year ago or so that they were looking at it as a possible treatment for diabetes, if they could suppress the munchies. Because, like alcohol, it apparently causes munchies because it lowers blood sugar levels – something of a silver bullet.

    Now, I’ll bet they want to take all the fun out of it anyway by suppressing the high as well. Spoil sports!

  5. “How does it feel to be so alone?”

    Uh, familiar?

  6. Actually these drugs are cannabinoid antagonists, so they are the antithesis of getting high. In fact a big worry is that they may turn out to be depressants, so you may be skinny but you will still hate yourself.

  7. As I understand, you can also make paper from it.

  8. Next they will study the use of whiskey as a cure for drunkenness.

  9. Well, we use botulism as a beauty treatment, so I guess this makes sense.

  10. I don’t think we should encourage fat people to lose weight. They die younger, leaving more stuff for the rest of us.

  11. Sorry Joe. Was I the only one who read that as “…an experimental treatment for obesity derived from cunnilingus?”

  12. “I don’t think we should encourage fat people to lose weight. They die younger, leaving more stuff for the rest of us.”

    But they breathe louder. Much louder.

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    You’ll wonder why you ever tried anything else!

    ~Thanks for your time.

  14. If “Angie” gets one goddamn hit to her site from here…
    Doesn’t she know that we only follow that bald guy’s system? You know, the guy who makes love to the floor.

  15. “Take his morning sugar“? Spambots sense make no.

  16. I recall not to long ago hearing about them looking into marijuana components to treat depression or some such thing. Point being that what they claimed they were hoping to treat with this NEW DRUG is the exact same thing the WoD propaganda peddlers swore was a side effect of using marijuana.

  17. C’mon guys, everyone knows cocaine is the right drug to use for appetite suppression. These silly G-men don’t know their products – always consult your local trusted sales adviser.

  18. ya gott admit, Angie sounds perky. I wonder if that kleptoprim did that for her?

  19. Wow,

    Angie is right. I got some of that zeppo slim and I have lost three pounds just sitting here typing, and my bottom seems firmer too.

  20. there’s always one butthole in the group to point out typo’s.

    Ok, he doesn’t have to take his morning insulin shot. Excuse me for screwing that up. It doesn’t matter to me if you do or don’t believe me. The stuff works! Just wait, the launch is coming, and you’ll wish you were a little nicer to the girl who was trying to spread the good word!

    Take care and God bless!


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