UC Santa Cruz Chancellor's Suicide Explained (Or at Least Discussed)


Last summer, embattled UC-Santa Cruz chancellor Denice Denton killed herself. Reason's Dave Weigel blogged about it and the ways in which Michelle Malkin had earlier attacked the administrator at a "capitulationist" for not going after campus antiwar demonstrators with enough gusto. (Denton was embattled for more reasons than that, including her compensation package, which included a job for her lesbian lover and significant improvements to her university-owned residence; neither of those perks is particularly uncommon in these situations, though they can always lead to community outrage.)

Via Arts & Letters Daily comes this account of Denton's last few weeks. It's an interesting insight into depression, academic politics, campus life, political correctness, anti-PC, and more. Check it out here. And when UC-Santa Cruz taps you for a big administrative post, think twice.