Attn, DC Reasonoids: Happy Hour Tomorrow, Jan. 16; Celebrate Feb. Ish and Meet Special Guest Stars!


Reason's Nick Gillespie, Radley Balko, Kerry Howley, and David Weigel invite you to come out at 6.30PM next Tuesday, January 16, to the Upstairs Bar at Dragonfly and celebrate the publication of our February 2007 issue featuring stories such as:

Divided We Stand: What to expect from the long-awaited, much-anticipated return of gridlock.

Peace on the Border: Why anti-immigration conservatives fell flat in 2006.

Pot Clubs in Peril: Are San Francisco zoning boards a bigger threat to medical marijuana than the DEA?

Quotations from Chairman Milton: More than three decades of wisdom from the late champion of liberty, culled from the pages of Reason.

We the Living Dead: The convoluted politics of zombie cinema.

Joining us will be special guest stars Jacob Sullum, Reason senior editor; Alex Pareene of Wonkette; Bill Wyman, assistant managing editor of the arts desk at National Public Radio; and Megan McArdle, global agenda correspondent for The Economist and proprietress of Asymmetrical Information. Details:

Reason Happy Hour
Tuesday, January 16, 6.30PM to whenever
The Upstairs bar at Dragonfly, 1215 Connecticut Avenue, NW, near the intersection of Connecticut, N, and 18th Streets

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  1. Pot Clubs in Peril: Are San Francisco zoning boards a bigger threat to medical marijuana than the DEA?

    The revenge of the joes.

  2. I really wish the ‘medical marijuana’ folk would give up on that nonsense. It is a badly disguised attempt at trying to make something legal that is currently illegal, which is fine. The ‘medical’ montra just makes them sound like cooks or liars.

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