Pfizer Wants to Kill Your Grandfather


Pfizer is talking about an over-the-counter version of Viagra. Since Viagra's death rate is significantly higher than that of the abortion pill and that of hormonal contraception–neither of which is available over the counter–I fully expect the Concerned Women for America to launch a campaign highlighting the health risks of enhanced geriatric potency. There will be Jim DeMint speeches, a movement to suspend the drug's sale altogether, congressional hearings, perhaps a purge at the FDA. Jennifer Roback Morse insists that giving the underclass easy access to the morning-after pill will increase sexual activity and STD rates to the detriment of us all; surely she'll be first in line to oppose the wider distribution of a drug that actually will increase sexual acitivity. Strangely, no one seems to have noticed Pfizer's announcement, but given the Right's concern for pharmaceutical risk assessment and recent support for a vigilant, restrictive FDA, I can only assume that a save-our-grandpas campaign is just around the corner.