James Brown, RIP


Christmas is less merry with the news that the Godfather of Soul is gone at age 73.

James Brown was, well, James Brown. He built the rhythmic foundation for modern popular music. Brown is among a handful of artists who crossed back-and-forth between genres without selling out along the way.

Brown was so influential that he even made Al Gore dance. I saw it with my own two eyes at Wolf Trap in the early 90s when JB shamed the VP into leaving his box seat and joining Brown on stage. Gore attempted to bring the funk, but not even the Godfather could find Al's good foot.

So at some point today, be sure to get up offa that thing and try to release some pressure. JB would want it that way.

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  1. I don’t feel good!

  2. Do You See The Light!?

  3. I once heard a song about this but I thought it was a metaphor.

  4. Don’t forget the political angle: He was a big supporter of President Richard M. Nixon.

  5. God bless the “Godfather of Soul”. I will miss him and I’m sure that I am not alone on that.

  6. metonymy, monkeylicious?

  7. Damn! Damn, damn, damn, damn…

  8. I only hope that Heaven is getting its’ groove on (as we mourn) with an afterlife performance by the Godfather of Soul himself. Rest in Peace James Brown.

  9. The Godfather of Soul has gone to his rest, wherever that is. But he lives on with the body of work that he has left to us and future generations.

    So with the sadness of his passing I also feel the joy that his songs have given me over the years.

  10. As a Tribute to His Greatness……..
    Legalize PCP!

  11. I consider myself a fairly hardcore libertarian-and definitely an opponent of the Drug War-and I still think that PCP should be verboten.

  12. Uh, monkeylicious, care to explain WHY?

  13. Give us a damn open Christmas thread, you lazy bums. That’s it, I’m going to Free Republic.

  14. Never did care for Brown’s music but I suppose many of the bands I enjoy were probably influenced by him to some degree. Plus he gets some coolness points for dying on Christmas.

    Rest in peace, James.

  15. Grand Chalupa,

    Watch out for the fruitcake.

  16. The man is clearly a legend. Anyone who can stop a massive riot with just one “HUH!” is one very powerful individual, to say the least.

    Great man. Great music.

  17. Best James Brown Line:Sometimes I get to feeling so good I cant stand myself!!!!!!!!!!

  18. monkeylicious,

    You may now officially stop calling yourself a “hardcore libertarian”.Aside from the grossly overblown drug war hysteria regarding PCP,how about the principle that it is not the State’s business to determine what you do with your own body? What else should be verboten by monkeylicious’ standards of State Prohibition? Steroids, anti-biotics, trans-fats, marijuana, heroin, human growth hormone, silicone breast implants, foies gras, fugu,LSD,unsafe sex,horsemeat, Ritalin, Celebrex,Thalidomide? etc. Do you believe tha a “State Liscensed Professional” should be able to over-ride the prohibition when he determines it is for the individuals or society’s greater good?
    I do not consider myself a “hardcore libertarian” (against privatization of all public/common property ,conditionally support war beyond our physical borders etc.) but that the State has no power/right to prohibit my consumption of “property” is ideologically non-negotiable.

  19. Before you revenuer types get too crazy with this banning nonsense, stay away from my guns and hybrids.

  20. I cried when I heard the news.
    Too soon

  21. “Don’t forget the political angle: He was a big supporter of President Richard M. Nixon.”

    Never mind “I’m Black and I’m Proud”–the important thing is that he supported President Nixon?

  22. So which lawyer wants to take on Brown’s breach of contract suit against Satan? He should have still had 45+ years left under his contract renewal:

  23. Ken Shultz,

    It certainly is a fact, important or not. Not sure why you elevated it to “the important thing”, unless my mention of it makes it important and in that case I say you are bestowing much more importance on me and my words than either deserves in this matter.

  24. He got one thing right for certain:

    it’s a man’s world


  25. smacky,

    But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl

  26. does anyone remember this part about him….lets throw a parade for Ike too….

    Godfather of Soul” James Brown, 70, was arrested by Aiken County cops in January 2004 and charged with domestic violence after allegedly pushing his wife to the floor during an argument at the couple’s South Carolina home. Tommie Rea Brown, 33, suffered “scratches and bruises to her right arm and hip” during the bedroom dispute, according to investigators.

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