Jew vs. Jew in a Wounded Publishing Industry


In case you were under the impression that Judith Regan was fired because of the mortifying controversy over her plans for a HarperCollins book and Fox TV interview featuring a sorta kinda murder confession by O.J. Simpson, executives at Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, which owns both the publishing house and the network, want it to be known that she actually was sacked because of anti-Semitic remarks she made while arguing with a Jewish HarperCollins lawyer about the now-abandoned Simpson project. "Of all people, the Jews should know about ganging up, finding common enemies, and telling the big lie," she supposedly told the lawyer, Mark Jackson, before alleging that he had joined the literary agent Esther Newberg, HarperCollins Executive Editor David Hirshey, and HarperCollins President Jane Friedman in "a Jewish cabal" that was plotting against her. Through her own hired Jew, the lawyer Bert Fields, Regan admits saying pretty much what Jackson says she said but denies using the modifier Jewish before cabal. Even if she had said "Jewish cabal," avers Fields, "that is not an anti-Semitic remark. Had she said it, I wouldn't be offended, as a Jew."

Maybe Fields is especially thick-skinned (for a Jew). The alleged remark seems at least a little anti-Semitic to me. Unless Regan was joking (which she is not claiming), why bring up the religion/ethnicity of those supposedly plotting against her? If she had called four African-American publishing figures a "black gang" lying in wait to mug her, an inference of racism would be reasonable, I think. 

But you see what the charge of anti-Semitism has accomplished? Already I've forgotten that Rupert Murdoch thought the Simpson deal was a dandy idea until it blew up in his face.

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  1. Dear Mr. Sullum
    Please stop blogging about all things Jewish.

    Joyous Solstice

  2. Seems like everybody had too much fruitcake and Irving Berlin.

  3. Post about whatever you want, Jacob – you’re the man! (When are you going to go the Al Gore route and turn Saying Yes into a movie, anyway?!?!?)

    – R

  4. What a dumb bitch Regan is.

  5. So Regan was fired, not because she cooked up a deal that would earn a murderer (and her bosses) millions of dollars describing how he (in theory, ha, ha) would have murdered his wife, but because in an acrimonious exchange she made a mildly anti-Semitic remark. And her bosses, who approved the deal until a massive burst of public outrage convinced them otherwise, at which point they hung Regan out to dry, are the good guys?

    Oh, and I don’t know where “Warren” is coming from (I hope it’s irony, but I never took that course in college), but I think Hit & Run could definitely use more Jewish stuff. For one thing, I’d love to read a long piece on Jewish rock.

  6. The only Jewish rock I know about is that one that brought forth water when Moses hit it with a stick.

  7. NoStar,

    You never heard of Lenny Kravitz, Robert Zimmerman or Adam Sadler?

  8. Well, to me the fact that those projects were initially approved speaks volumes about the character of Rupert Murdoch and down to Judith Regan. I see no good guys in that. However, what they seem to be saying is that they’re not hanging Regan out to dry for that. If they fired her for THAT, yes that would be, because the bosses above her share the blame. As for firing her for those anti-Semitic, acrimonious remarks, I would’ve done the same if one of my employees argued that way about anything, especially accusing me being part of some gang plotting against her. This is not because I want my employees to be yesmen but because I value cordial, friendly working environment without this kind of BS, hostile attitudes.

  9. Ah, I just noticed the Hitchcock twist here: you guys wanted her persicuted privately, i.e. non-government, for free speech and commerce but are upset about her being persecuted for Anti-Semitism instead?

    No, wait, you guys are not upset at the Anti-Semitism either. Well, except Jacob, he raised an eyebrow to that.

  10. Guy,

    Don’t forget David Lee Roth and Jack Black.

  11. brian423,

    Thank you!

    However, I will forget Babs, she never rocked.

    Also, I believe the rock that NoStar mentions was an Egyptian rock, not a Jewish rock.

  12. Actually, the rock I referenced is located in the Saudi Peninsula not too far from Moses’s father-in-law Jethro’s digs in funky cold Medina.

    Hmmm? Is Ton Loc Jewish too?

  13. When did Moses go there?

    Did he bring the magic fruitcake? I suppose the water would be needed to wash down a 40 yr. old fruitcake.

  14. Who wanted her persecuted?

  15. Guy-Don’t forget (some half-Jewish): The Beastie Boys, Slash of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, “Country” Joe, the lead singer of Disturbed, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, “Noodles” (guitarist of Offspring), David Lee Roth, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), and many others:

  16. Moses escaped from Egypt and found refuge at Jethro’s near Medina in the Saudi Penisula. It was there that he saw the burning bush.

    After going back to get the Jews, he returned to the same area. Many experts think Mt. Sinai is Jabal al-Lawz (Arabic: ??? ?????) a mountain located in northwest Saudi Arabia. It is 2403 meters/7384 feet tall and it’s top looks like it has been burned. The Saudi government has made the mountain off limits to investigators.

    The Sinai Peninsula was named after a Mountain that Constantine’s mother erroneously proclaimed to be Mt. Sinai, thus confusing people to this day. The section of the Red Sea that was parted was the Gulf of Aqaba. No other part of the Red Sea has a location that matches the description in Exodus.

  17. Someone in The Bangals had to be Jewish withthat Walk like an Egyptian song and it’s geo-political undertones.

  18. According to that link I posted, the lead singer is Jewish.

  19. Taking Regan’s “Common Enemies / Big Lie” comment at face value for a second, I am trying to figure out what exactly is supposed to be implied by that. Is the comment taken to be a veiled ref to the USS Liberty? 9/11? Something else?

  20. I believe the Big Lie refers to Hitler somehow; the Wikipedia definition isn’t the clearest.

  21. Traditionally The Big Lie does refer to Goebbels Nazi Propaganda, if I remember correctly from high school history class.

    However, if regan was implying that Jewish people are aware of the Holocaust, that might be insensitive, in a Godwin’s Law sort of way, but not anti-Semitic, I wouldn’t think.

    The charge of anti-Semitism makes me think that ppl are interpreting to mean something more sinister about Jewish people than that, but I honestly am not sure what. Is her comment being taken as some some of subtle Holocaust denial? that doesn’t seem quite right either.

  22. Jewy McKike and the Yarmulkes.

  23. So Fields is thick-skinned – for a Jew?? A little too subtle there, methinks. Sometimes Sullum, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you.

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