NASA To Deliver Space:1999 Scenario Only 25 Years Late (Veiled Subscription Pitch)


From the LA Times, via the Indy Star:

An international team of astronauts will live and work at a permanent moon base to be built at one of the resource-rich lunar poles within two decades, NASA announced Monday.

Earth's first off-world colonists will cruise the surface in a lunar lander that will function like a low-gravity pickup truck, possibly journeying to the dark side to build the most ambitious collection of observatories ever constructed, NASA said.

"We will build up to the point where we are staying 180 days, and then we will have a permanent presence," said Doug Cooke, deputy associate administrator for exploration systems.

The permanent base could be operational by 2024, officials said.

More here.

More information on Space: 1999 than even Martin Landau and Barbara Bain combined could want here.

Recall Tim Cavanaugh's blast on how NASA fights the future with Gerry Cooney-like success.

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