December 6: Gathering of the Reason Tribe


The January issue of Reason is hitting newsstands now, and we're celebrating with a party on Wednesday at the upstairs bar at Dragonfly, at 1215 Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. The festivities begin at 6:30 p.m.

Most of the D.C.-based Reasoners will be there -- Radley Balko, Kerry Howley, David Weigel -- and I'll be coming down from Baltimore. There will be special guest stars as well, arriving from every corner of the country:

From Los Angeles: David Nott, president of the Reason Foundation.

From Dallas: Jacob Sullum, a senior editor at the magazine and the author of the beloved classic Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use.

From Boston: Katherine Mangu-Ward, an associate editor at the magazine and the author of one of January's feature articles, a report on the maturing private space-travel industry.

From across town: Julian Sanchez, a contributing editor at the magazine and the author of another January story, this one on new search technologies and the Fourth Amendment.

From anywhere people read Reason: You!

Those coordinates again: Wednesday, December 6, 6:30 p.m., upstairs at Dragonfly, 1215 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.

Special note: If you'd like to be added to Reason's Evite list for D.C.-area events, please send an email to