Please Kindly Free Mumia at Your Convenience!


UK police say the Brits need more curbs on expression. Their chief concern is that too many feelings are getting hurtat political protests. Get ready for a new era of kinder, gentler dissent:

Police are to demand new powers to arrest protesters for causing offence through the words they chant and the slogans on their placards and even headbands.

[Assistant Commissioner Tarique] Ghaffur says there is a "growing national and international perception" that the police have been too soft on extremist protesters, which has led to rising anger across the country.

Extremist protesters? What kind of pathetic extremist catalogues his grievances on a headband? Never mind, though, there's a gap in the law that needs amending:

The police want powers to tackle a "grey area" in the array of public order laws. At present, causing offence by itself is not a criminal offence.