Offend Leftists, Appall Conservatives: Give Them a Gift Subscription To Reason for as Little as $17!; Order by Dec. 2 for Xmas Delivery!


"Reason," writes The Columbus Dispatch, "manages to offend leftists with its defense of biotechnology, free trade and school choice, even as it appalls conservatives by supporting gay marriage, open immigration and drug legalization."

Which means we make a perfect gift for your best friends on either end of the political spectrum–not to mention your loved ones who actually dig "Free Minds & Free Markets." And if you're a Reason Online enthusiast who has never subscribed to the award-winning print edition before, why don't you put yourself on your gift list? Print subscribers get their richly illustrated, lushly produced copies a full month before the content shows up on the website.
A year's gift subscription–11 issues–costs just $20 for the first gift and then a mere $17 for any extras. And as long as you place your order by December 2, we'll guarantee that the recipient receives his or her first issue by Christmas.

You must use this special URL in order to qualify for delivery by Christmas (sorry, no renewals allowed via this promotion). So order today–and give the gift of Reason.

Bonus endorsements:
"A kick-ass, no-holds-barred political magazine," The New York Post
"Reason is less predictable and more interesting than any other political

magazine I read"—Glenn Reynolds,

"An oasis of sharp writing and sensible political discourse in a time dominated by I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I-manship, a respite for those who are weary of the reactionary pod-people screams emanating from both the left and the right."—Joe Garden, The Onion
"Reason is the undiscovered magazine of America. The magazine surprises with new perspectives and unexpected ideas. That's just what America needs today."—Jeff Jarvis, creator of Entertainment Weekly and proprietor of
"A constant reminder of the value of independent thought in fast-changing times."—Chris Anderson, editor in chief, Wired

"In an era of smash-mouth, left vs. right political discourse, the libertarian Reason is a fresh and nuanced antidote"—The Chicago Tribune

"A political magazine of a different sort, Reason's refusal to carry water for either Democrats or Republicans is deeply refreshing in this era of partisan ugliness."—Folio

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  1. How much to Canada?

  2. I give my brother a subscription to Reason each year. He gives me a subscription to The Sun. I imagine he gets a lot more mileage out of his than I do of mine. I can’t stomach that magazine. It is, however, a useful window into the mind of granola-liberal for those times when you have to accomodate them.

  3. According to the main subscription page, you need to add $10 to all subs outside the U.S., which I assume means Canada (at least for now).

  4. Do we “apall” conservatives with our spelling? *ducks*

  5. The originally appalling spelling of appall has been fixed.

  6. Less predictable than any other political magazine? About as predictable as the sun. But it’s still pretty interesting.

  7. Giving a subscription to Reason is not only a gift of very interesting, well thought out articles. It also implies a nice complement since it speaks well of your assessment of the intellectual sophistication of the recipient. Giving Reason also speaks well of you.

    Give it to a good friend or someone that ya love. You might well be helping to create a more interesting, thoughtful person.

  8. …I meant to say: “You might well be helping to create *an even* more interesting and thoughtful person.”

    (The server may be new but it has done nothing to cure my neglect of the Preview button.

  9. Less predictable than any other political magazine? About as predictable as the sun. But it’s still pretty interesting.

    Reason, pretty consistently, come down of the side of individual liberty. But the many topics it explores and the ways in which it explores them are frequently quite surprising and almost always creative.

  10. How much to Canada?

    Yeah, I did the online subscription last time round because I couldn’t find the Canada rates easily. However, that was a hassle software-wise.

    Is there a link to the Canada ordering page?

  11. Do we have any quotes from appalled conservatives?

  12. “Do we have any quotes from appalled conservatives?”

    Just wait until the next Iraq post. The pro-war group will provide them.

  13. Um, as an official resident of Columbus, I find it very hard to believe that the Dispatch had anything so remotely insightful to say as what you quoted. You must’ve made it up:

    For a magazine called Reason…:-) 🙂

  14. It is a good ‘zine, but it is only unpredictable (in its overall outlook) if you are unfamiliar with libertarianism.

  15. That stomach on the Ova cover is hot.

  16. I am surprised no one has written this yet:

    Offend Leftists, Appall Conservatives

    What are y’all bragging about? 😉

  17. As another COWlumbus resident (and Reason subscriber), I echo Ayn’s sentiments. Intelligent journalism in Columbus died with the Citizen-Journal in the 1980s.

    Are you sure that wasn’t the Dayton Daily News, Mr. Gillespie? I find it hard to believe that a newspaper only slightly more intelligent than a Teletubbies coloring book had ANYTHING cogent to say about Reason.

  18. I cant believe this article

  19. I don’t care for the pop-up. But at least it comes with cleavage.

  20. Is that Kerry Howley’s beautiful, bare midriff on the cover? If so, I would like to buy a couple of eggs, neatly ensconced in the original incubator.

  21. “I don’t care for the pop-up.”

    The sad truth is that she requires it. Everybody, I’m a subscriber, and believe me, there is so much more stuff in their that we don’t get online. It’s pretty cheap, and it’s probably the most interesting magazine on the coffee table of anybody you know.

  22. Their = there

  23. Ahhh, you could eat oysters out of that belly button. I’m not sure it would be sexy at all, but you could do it. Actually, bad idea. Ahhh, you could drink mojitos out of that belly button….

  24. The Ova For Sale cover is the best ever.

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