Young Scholars Defend Property Rights


Nine none-too-bright-sounding Georgetown frat boys do what Georgetown frat boys do best: infuriate D.C.'s most obnoxious residents.

The $2.4 million house that J. Brian O'Neill Sr. bought for his son is allowed only six unrelated residents under zoning laws. But if it's a residence for a "religious community," the number jumps to 15.

The solution? The Apostles of O'Neill. That's the name the young men used Oct. 2 when they filed paperwork to incorporate as a nonprofit religious organization.

O'Neill, who according to his Facebook page "doesn't really read much," is even hosting meetings with concerned citizens:

With a poster of porn star Jenna Jameson as a backdrop during the meeting, everyone avoided the subject of the Apostles and stuck to polite talk about such things as proper landscaping and noise, people who attended said.

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