'Tis the Season To Give Reason! (Unveiled Gift Subscription Pitch)


Not that I'm biased or anything, but here's a great gift idea: A subscription to Reason, the "kick-ass, no-holds-barred political magazine" (The New York Post) that has been named one of "The 50 Best Magazines" for three out of the past four years by the Chicago Tribune (read more praise  here and here).

A year's gift subscription–11 issues–costs just $20 for the first gift and then a mere $17 for any extras. As long as you place your order by December 2, we'll guarantee that the recipient receives his or her first issue by Christmas.

You must use this special URL in order to qualify for delivery by Christmas (sorry, no renewals allowed via this promotion). So order today–and give the gift of Reason.

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  1. Just got it in the mail last week!!! I should have subscribed a long time ago. You guys rock, so, peace or something.

  2. The story on copyright and Japanese animation is excellent. Thanks!

  3. The interview with Parker and Stone was well worth reading.

    Much other good stuff, too. My biggest complaint is that sometimes I’m so busy I don’t get a chance to read the articles before they get posted here.

  4. How come all the other subscribers get their issues before I do?


    I really like the cover, though. That, more than anything else I’ve seen in the past 20 years, will help make libertarianism look cool.

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