What's the Matter With… Everyone Who Doesn't Agree With Me?


Among my favorite post-election op-ed formulae: The "I regret that voters are too stupid to vote correctly" boilerplate. Last night was pure confusion, if you're listening to the losers. Voters were "duped" by Missouri's "deceptive amendment 2," the stem-cell funding amendment supported by a "suspiciously" shaky Michael J. Fox. (Expect "human egg traffickers" to sweep in and start exploiting the dumbest among them–young women–at any moment.) Says Director of The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity (CBHD) C. Ben Mitchell: "This is no triumph for science, it is a victory for dishonesty and confusion–a new Tower of Babel–where words have no meaning."

We'll take that as a promise, then, that CBHD will stop with the press releases. Also among the regrettably stupid: American women. Women may think they've made gains–an abortion ban in flames, a woman speaker, gains in both houses, four women positioned to lead House panels –but Carrie Lukas reminds us that women, who vote because they like "caring, nurturing" candidates, (aren't they cute, those lady voters!) "should be careful what they wish for." Did they know, for instance, that Nancy Pelosi is against the Patriot Act?

My guess is that in San Francisco, even the women knew this. Being a libertarian, it's hard to sympathize with people who simply cannot conceive of a universe in which their opinions are not the majority. A suggestion: Get over it.