Tales from the 109th Congress


I only got around to reading this entertaining and prescient pre-election column by Ron Hart today. But it's worth a look. A snippet:

The untold reality of this election is not the soccer moms or Reagan Democrats who are supposedly the "swing vote." Libertarians, who are a growing force in this country (by some accounts 13 percent) are the ones who will decide the election.

Like many libertarians, I am disappointed in the Republican Party as portrayed by the neocons. Of late, I have shed one belief of the GOP for another. It is no longer the party of limited government, reduced spending and individual freedom. After their deft touch on Iraq, Katrina relief, immigration and the bloated Transportation Safety Administration, I think we should demand less from government; not more.

The GOP has become the party of big government, driven by the narrow social agenda of the religious right. The Democrats are big government, too, and driven by the social agenda of the left. Sadly, our choice is the lesser of two evils. Perhaps the Whig party will have a candidate this year?

Whole thing here.