Stark, raving mad: Pain in the ass blogger gets Allen thugs madder than ever


Mike Stark, last seen in a Bridget Jones's Diary-style brawl with George Allen's flunkies,  continues his Ahab-like pursuit of the true George Allen, and Allen's goons continue to provide him with photo opps. This time, an Allen associate (according to Stark) bumps him and then takes a dive, and cops come in to handcuff and detain the irrascible Stark. Full video coverage here, and the highlight is definitely the Allen goober who taunts Stark as he's being hustled into the squadcar: "Don't you write for the blawg, Mike? The liberal blawg? Answer the question Mike. Don't you write for the liberal blawg?"

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  1. I’m getting an average of three calls a day, and someone just left a pamplet on my doorstep quoting a “terrorist” with an arab-sounding telling people to vote Democratic.

    I can’t wait for Wednesday.

  2. The best part of the video links is that the station didn’t even bother to edit out the anchor’s mistake at the beginning. Did the server squirrels get a new job in TV news?

  3. I’m no fan of Allen, but Stark just seems like a self-righteous jerk. I can’t actually see what happens with the kid on the video, but it wouldn’t shock me if he really did run into the kid while moving quickly towards the Senator’s exit path and knocked the kid over. Of course, that isn’t normally a reason to arrest somebody, so there’s some kind of abuse of authority going on here even though the guy’s a dick.

  4. Like most of us, I’ll shed no tears to see George Allen lost this election, but does this douchebag Stark really think that he is accomplishing anything? What is it with liberal bloggers and their need to make complete asses of themselves on the behalf of the Dem candidates they support?

  5. Say what you will about George Allen. It’s my guess that he may not get many Marine Corps votes, but I suspect he’ll get more than James (stretch the truth plumb out of shape) Webb gets. If there’s one thing Marines don’t respect, it is someone taking credit for another person’s good deeds. And James Webb has a terminal case of just such an affliction.

    See just one example here:

  6. Did anyone else read Webb’s The Emperor’s General? It’s a novel set during our occupation of Japan, and one might think that the author would have been in favor of a total de-Ba’athification of Iraq, given his opinion of MacArthur’s decision to preserve thay empire’s monarchy.


  7. You know, the liberal blawg, on your walkman, that are the kids are clicking into these days?

  8. So lame. They edit out the moment of truth.

  9. The only thing that bothers me is why is this guy coming back for more? Okay, the goon squad roughed him up the first time around. File the police report, press criminal charges, and sue the campaign for all they bring in. That should be his new cause… not coming back there looking to stir the pudding even more. He’s just doing himself a disservice.

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