Who Will Kate Moss Kill Next?


We all know that the skeletal Kate Moss enjoys a fat line of cocaine. What you may not know, unless you've been listening to the Colombian government lately, is that she also enjoys murder:

"When she snorted a line of cocaine, she put land mines in Colombia, she killed people in Colombia, she displaced people in Colombia, she helped finance kidnapping," said [Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos Calderón], who himself spent time as a hostage of the Medellin drug cartel. "That's the message that we want to put out."

Santos said earlier this week he'd never heard Moss say she was

So let's get this straight: The world's most powerful supermodel gives a free endorsement to his country's number one export, and Colombia's V.P. is upset. If that's not proof the drug war is screwed, I don't know what is.

As an Agent Provocateur fan, I like to believe every piece of lingerie I purchase helps Kate buy a little more blow.