35 Years Ago in Reason


December 1971

"I think that in 20 years there will probably be many bigamous marriages. The reason that I say "bigamous" is that I'm thinking many of the older people, particularly those on Social Security, would tend to join together in some kind of living form."

"The Future of Marriage: An Interview With Robert Rimmer"

"Ralph Nader is contemplating legal action to force the Transportation Department to reinstate its now-canceled order requiring installation of front-seat airbags by August 1973. Nader apparently goes along with the bureaucratic trade-off that more lives will be saved by airbags that work than will be lost due to inevitable misfiring ergo, airbags are good and can be legitimately forced on everybody."

"Publisher's Notes"

"Now that 17 states have liberalized their anti-abortion laws, popular attitudes are changing rapidly. An Opinion Research Corporation survey reported that 49% of those polled in a recent survey (men and women over 16) favor unrestricted abortion, 42% opposed. Only three years ago 80% was opposed when the same question was asked."

"The Right to an Abortion"