Sheriffs: Bedridden Won't be Forced to Move. For Now.


Despite the state's draconian new sex offender requirements, sheriffs in Georgia have "temporarily" agreed not to force nursing home residents, some of whom are bedridden, to move. (No word on whether they'll be allowed to don Halloween costumes in bed.) For no discernible reason, the law forbids anyone on the offender registry from living within 1,000 feet of a church. Bus stops and schools get the same perimeter.

Back in June, I wrote about Georgia resident Wendy Whitaker, who was forced to move for the crime of performing fellatio on a 15-year-old boy ten years ago, when she was 17. At the time, she was about to be forced out once again, as her town had decided to plop a bus stop near the second residence.

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  1. If any girl had given me a BJ when I was fifteen, I’d have nominated her for sainthood.

  2. Sex offenders, smokers and the obese will eventually be buffered out of existence, and then this country will finally be on the right track!

  3. So, sex offenders can’t be near bus stops, but they can live in nursing homes? At least people at a bus stop can get away!

  4. I am more worried about the nimble self-righteous pedophiles IN the church rather than the invalid pedophiles NEAR the church.

  5. That same law should make it illegal to build a bus stop next to a sex offenders house.

  6. Chances of this surviving a constitutional challenge: 0%. What an obscene law. Freedom of association, anyone? Equal protection? The government can get away with doing that crap to liquor stores and porn shops, not people.

  7. Toxic

    I think you’re right. However, I’d hate to see the political grandstanding that would follow such a ruling.

  8. Aresen,

    More complaining about activist judges from people like O’Reilly (anybody that does not know what the hell they are talking about).

  9. Ah, yes, Bill O’Reilly. I figured out what O’Reilly’s political center is:
    The Iron Fist of Authority.
    Sometimes it’s a left fist, sometime’s it’s a right fist, but the message is allways the same, people have to obey the rules. He’s the world’s biggest High School Principal.

  10. Ooooh…cage match between AARP and the security moms! I hope they both lose.

  11. I want to know where those type of 17 years olds were when I was 15!

  12. What do you want to bet that Wendy was convicted because she did it orally instead of in the missionary position?

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