Expect a Lot More Stories Like This One Until Nov. 7


From a story in Canada's National Post, re: the midterm elections:

History is with the Democrats, as the party holding the White House traditionally loses seats in a president's sixth year. A recent exception was 1998, when public unhappiness over the Republican-led impeachment of U.S. president Bill Clinton helped Democrats gain five House seats.

Polls have shown much larger majorities of voters believe the country is on the wrong track now than in 1994, when Republicans swept Democrats out of House control by picking up 52 seats.

Mr. Bush's approval rating, hovering in the mid to high 30s, also is much lower than Democratic president Bill Clinton's rating in 1994, which was in the mid to high 40s.

"Given the political climate, there seems to be no question there will be bad losses for Republicans," said Amy Walter, a House analyst with the non-partisan Cook Political Report. "The question is: How bad will they be?"

More from "Republicans face biggest test since Nixon" here.

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  1. Let’s set the over/under at 30 seats.
    I say the GOP will lose more than 30.
    What say you’all?

  2. Put me down for under, Creech. 20-29.

    But Rush Limbaugh just handed the Democrats Missouri, and the Senate.

  3. You’re forgetting ONE big factor:KARL ROVE. Well, maybe one more–a really, really stupid electorate.

  4. Under.

    It’s marginal to begin with and Osama is due to pop up his scary head once more. [Or maybe, ‘Zombie Osama’ if the rumors of his death are true.]

  5. I’ll probably go with under, if only for completely cynical reasons.

  6. Put me down for “under”; joe’s under-scenario doesn’t entirely suck, though.

  7. i think “the heartland” is coming to the realization this bunch sacrificed thier kids for private profit. (Nothing new here, but the Dims arent in power at the mo)I think they are gonna stay home or vote Dim.
    Im thinkin it’ll be a bigtime Dim blowout, but Ive been wrong before, like when I thought W couldnt POSSIBLY be as contemptable as that nitwit Gore.
    Anyhow, Ill be IV’ing vodka &watching the returns next Tuesday. And checkin H&R, a oasis in a troubled time.
    Go vote- even if you cast a blank ballot. Stand in line & contemplate how what had been the emminently practicle order of Gvt put together by guys from the 1700’s has been reduced to a blood soaked scam run by incompetant scumbags, most all products of Higher Education.
    Lawyers. Business moguls. Statesmen. You know: smart guys.
    And figure: where the hell we go from here? (And no, Joe: we dont go to the “Massachusettes Miracle”)

  8. Amazing that Americans have to look outside their country to get objective political news.

    Even more amazing that the news is so negative for Republicans given that the National Post is generally considered Canada’s “right wing” newspaper.

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