Wasting the Watchers


Hate speed cameras? Angry, speed-addicted Brits will put your camera animus to shame. The New York Times chronicles the ways the British express their considerable displeasure:

Among the ways that motorists have made this clear: spraying the cameras with paint; knocking them over; covering them in festive wrapping paper and garbage bags; digging them up; shooting, hammering and firebombing them; festooning them with burning tires; and filling their casings with self-expanding insulation foam that, when activated, blows them apart.

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  1. You go, Brits!

  2. They should start wearing bad masks of Guy Fawkes while they do this.

  3. The British seem to be a funny bunch. Whereas they seem to support huge intrusions into their conduct on one level, when it is imposed they tend to complain and even rebel. Australians are like that too.

    I’m not sure if this can be traced to the parliamentary system which tends to concentrate power into the hands of a ruling elite or not.

  4. somebody’s looking for trouble…

  5. Whoever posts a link to a site about how to sabotage big-brother cameras wins the internet.

  6. “The government does not keep figures on camera vandalism,”

    And the US government does not keep figures on the number of dead Iraqis. What else is new?

    MAD motorists are Britain’s terrorists and my freedom fighters.

  7. The cameras are needed.
    How else are we to catch the vandals?

  8. They’re shooting the cameras? How can that be? I thought gun control was supposed to cure all gun crime.

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