Get Ready for the New & Improved Reason Online


Over the course of this weekend, we'll be giving Reason Online a long-awaited, much-anticipated redesign and update. On Monday, you'll awaken to find a website powered by quicker servers than ever before and packed with new features such as:

—automatically generated lists of articles sorted by topic and author

—a large selection of syndicated content (RSS) feeds, including Hit & Run posts, all new articles, Brickbats, select topics, and select authors

—printer-friendly and emailable versions of all content

—an end to server delays while commenting at Hit & Run (yes, we killed all the server squirrels)

—a cover gallery of all print issues of the magazine, going back to 1968

 As with all upgrades, we expect that there will be glitches in the coming days (and weeks). Not all older articles will be available during the transition period, for instance, and I'm sure other weird issues will arise.

You can help us fix any problems you encounter by sending emails to

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  1. How about setting up a redirect from the old page to the new one? It’s giving a really silly error message now “We Can’t Find That.”

  2. Sweet! Would it be too much to ask though to get rid of the “spray painted” hit & run logo?

  3. I’m a with jonathan. Just make sure that you set it up as a 301 “Moved Permanently” redirect and not a 307 “Temporary Redirect”. This way spiders will update pages linking to “” to “” a bit more quickly.

  4. Oh, and a “Preview” button on the blog would still be nice. Wow, that was very quick though.

  5. This is great. The Hit & Run feed has too much volume for my taste, and many of the posts are about subjects I care little about. Now I can subscribe to articles only.

  6. This is really nice and clean looking. I agree with Kwix that a “Preview” button would be nice. BTW, love the cover gallery

  7. Fantastic looking website! Finally looks readable and usable

  8. Looks nice. The trouble is I can’t save my Name or e-mail info.

  9. Oo-la-la-si-si-coo-coo.
    A frisson of anticipation surges through the furry hides of clear-thinking people everywhere.

    But what happened to previewing?

  10. I….


    I don’t know who you are anymore, Hit and Run.

  11. I dunno, it looks kinda vast, wide, and hyperopic. I suppose I’ll get used to it… as long as none of those insanely annoying animations pops up on my screen, preventing me from reading whatever I wanted to read until I can (if I’m lucky) find the microscopic “close” pixel on which to click. If that happens, not only will I boycot whatever product the pop-up animation is advertising, but I won’t read this website anymore (just like the hundreds of other webistes I refuse to read due to such in-your-face direct marketing animations). I doubt Reason would ever stoop so low, but I’ve been surprised before. And “redesign” usually means “more advertising” if for no other reason than to pay for the “redesign.”

  12. it looks kinda vast, wide, and hyperopic
    Just like freedom! 🙂

  13. Reason is blossoming… all these changes happening to the website… It’s happening so quickly… and I’m very confused.

  14. I think it looks great. Good work!

  15. I suppose I’ll get used to it… as long as none of those insanely annoying animations pops up on my screen,…(just like the hundreds of other webistes I refuse to read due to such in-your-face direct marketing animations)…And “redesign” usually means “more advertising” if for no other reason than to pay for the “redesign.”

    I do not know why some people still complain about advertisements. With firefox and with the all the add-ons that they offer, I can’t tell you the last time I have seen an advertisement on reason (or any of the other websites that I visit).

  16. Looks nice.

  17. wow, now that is a fucking mess…well hope you guys get the bugs out before the Monday…i can’t even read older (like 8 hours) comments.

  18. Will this system accept tags for formatting; html or otherwise?


  19. Looks pretty nice, but you forgot Poland.

  20. hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray.

  21. Looks great! Would be excellent if there were links somewhere on the article pages to their corresponding ‘new at reason’ blog entries.

  22. This redesign is easier on the on the old eyeballs, but I can’t locate the ‘Remember Me’ button. The squirrels must have ate it.

  23. But what are we going to complain about now? Ah, I shouldn’t worry – this trick never works.

  24. You can’t do paragraphs. What’s up with that?

  25. At this time, in case it gets lost in the switch, please allow me to present my all-time favorite reason moment, from Jacob Sullum’s excellent article, “The Anti-Pleasure Principle.”

    I was twice incontinent of feces in public!

    Thank you

  26. And I hope formatting actually works when the new software is installed, because I had all sorts of tags and paragraphs in that last post. Regardless, keep up the good work with the website.

  27. It looks like tags are working.

  28. Um, I can understand the logic of newly improved, but how can something simultaneously be new and improved?

  29. Killed the squirrels? Does that mean that you, the columnists, now have to run on the wheels to power the thing?

  30. I have been running on the wheels all morning, and boy are my paws tired.

  31. Thank God we’re not having double posts anymore.

  32. Thank God we’re not having double posts anymore.

  33. looks good. “Topics” section looks to be a great resource.

  34. boy are my paws tired
    The Paws That Refreshes?

    Yo, time to get a new topic up there.

  35. I just noticed no pictures. Is that a new rule? Some of those pictures were priceless.

  36. From City of God:
    “Can’t you read?”
    “Just the pictures”.

  37. Not really new and certainly not improved.

    Pages seem to load more slowly, the layout is more complicated and less intuitive, and worst of all (at this point for the web) is a problem with style:


    a:link {

    a:visited {

    The problem with this is that it makes it more difficult to know which articles I have read or haven’t. If I need to hunt for unread articles I will get eventually get frustrated. Then, I’ll stop trying and stop reading the site.

  38. Those pics are on their way back… Please expect little glitches like this for a few days throughout the site — even some on-and-off squirrel problems while things get worked out.

  39. And your comment form doesn’t have a subject line and doesn’t preserve paragraphs.

    The little things matter.

  40. I wouldn’t be part of one of America’s least-respected political philosophies if I didn’t have any criticisms, so here goes. Perhaps all of these are part of the Beta version and after the weekend it’ll all be fixed.

    1. Are all the H&R articles from October 7th to the present day now missing, or hidden somewhere? I can’t really see how navigation is supposed to work, since I would mainly only want to access the last few days’ worth of posts.

    2. The wide columns hurt my eyeballs. Seriously, it’s more of an effort to read, and as an amateur designer, I don’t understand why anyone would want that.

    3. Antony is right: Visited links need to change color.

    4. I can’t link to my website no more without being incredibly obvious? Damn.

    5. No “Remember Me” function. That’s not good.

    Good luck to you in meeting my standards.

  41. Oh, and yes, paragraph breaks serve an important purpose.

  42. Here.



  43. p




  44. Relax guys. It hasn’t even been 12 hours yet. There are always going to be bugs when you change from one system to another. It’ll probably take a few weeks for them to get straightened out.

  45. Paragraphs!

    Good work, guys.

    Feed the bugs to the squirrels.

  46. Wow, it looks great.

  47. wow, fast. maybe it will even work with a shift key.

    IT DOES!

  48. I agree with some of the posters above:

    Save personal info and a preview button should be put back in.

  49. Are you saving the squirrel bodies for the next meet-n-greet?

  50. Save personal info and a preview button should be put back in.

  51. Belay my last. I’ll withhold all bitches, gripes and complaints until Monday P.M. at least.

    Everybody, it is going to be a long weekend for a lot of people at reason. Please keep that in mind.

  52. Well, to my surprise, it works on Netscape 4.0

    The only complaint would be that the comment window comes up an inch and a half wide by two lines long, which means sort of stream-of-consciousness composition. Also there are two buttons saying Submit Comment and none for preview. Probably neither works but we’ll see, won’t we.

  53. Animoticons are of course crutches despised by those with sufficient power of imagination to envision a rational society.

    But do I hear bids for a spellcheck?

  54. Looks great, very nice work. I miss having named links to the previous and next articles in the blog, and at least in Firefox there’s no indication in the RSS dropdown that an article has been read — I used to get a Reason icon against visited articles, which showed me where I left off on those occasions where I couldn’t read all the articles at one sitting.

    But these are nits. Overall it’s a big plus.

  55. New format looks good. But I mis the history. I assume that will be back in time.

    Still waiting to savor my bowl of Bunswick Stew made with meat from the server squirrels. And the caps made from their hides that Kevin referred to would be really cool.

  56. Holy old Baldheaded old Nellie that was fast. I’ve never had a comment post that fast on H&R before.

  57. Well, youll note waaaaay above my comment to the words “improved website” was aaaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeeee were doomed.
    If this actually posts, well then, the retired Congressmen you replaced the squirrels with managed to random ly push the right buttons. If my prose is lost, well, there you go.
    Old motorcycle adage: “If it aint broke, fix it til it is”

  58. Another elegant website from P.J. and the crew. Way to go guys! The “topics” and cover gallery are brilliant.

  59. I like the change.

  60. Nice work. Pay the new designer a bonus.

  61. It isn’t really readable on my phone anymore. This kind of kills my reading in airports.

  62. I’m impressed, but please, please:

    1.Add a “remember me” option, and

    2. “Preview is my dearest and closest friend.”

  63. I mainly use firefox 2.0 but I also have Opera 9.01. In Opera, text and links only show up. No pics, graphics, tables, color, etc. show up on the new site. I know that only a small fraction of people use Opera’s web browser, but I think it would be wise if somebody would fix this problem.

  64. Hit & Run – darling! You look faaaabulous.

    And it’s so subtle. No one will ever know you had any work done.

    I was considering a little lipo and some Botox, but I figured, “Why mess with perfection?”

    Big kiss, my dearest. I’m late for my colonic and it’s all the way out in Venice. I’ll see you at yoga!

  65. zeiner, does the spellcheck for forms in FF 2.0 work well? I haven’t migrated to the latest version yet.


  66. zeiner, does the spellcheck for forms in FF 2.0 work well? I haven’t migrated to the latest version yet.

    Yes it does. When you misspell a word a red line forms under it (much like OpenOffice or Microsoft Word). When you right click the misspelled word it gives suggestions and it can automatically change the word for you. It’s very useful.

  67. The staff’s still lazy as hell on the weekends. All week they write a million posts, most rants about insignificant little things that few besides themselves care about, then the weekend comes and we couldn’t get a new post Jesus himself came back on Saturday morning.

  68. testing

  69. The 2 worst attributes of this new system are:
    1) The way it returns to the top of the Hit & Run home page instead of back the view of the thread title where you just posted. Debates off subject from that thread will be hard to track down later when you go back to read the response. As in, “Where was I lecturing MUTT about Dialectic Materialism, the Campaign Finance Thread or the Global Warming Thread?” Too much scrolling required.
    2) The missing ‘remember me’ button. People are going to post comments with their Name & Email boxes empty and then the squirrels will bite them.

  70. So we’re no longer allowed to have our personal blogs or Website addresses serve as our signatures? Weak.

  71. What Jennifer said. If true, can that be fixed?




    Narrower columns read faster- at least one other somebody referred to that above

    “…it returns to the top of the Hit & Run home page instead of back the view of the thread title where you just posted.”

    So it’s not just me that gets that. [running Knoppix linux w/ Firefox on my laptop- haven’t tried the OSX box yet]

    But I can see the photos, today.

    Once more I must say sternly to myself, “Adapt, puny human.”

  73. Whoosh- that WAS fast

  74. I haven’t seen Michael Young in a while — presumable he’s swinging a hammer in southern Lebannon helping to rebuild the country? 🙂

  75. is it really true that the server squirrels are really dead?

  76. Hrrm, Jennifer seems to be correct in that it doesn’t recognizes URLs as Email addresses; as well it should be per standard, but still. In this same vein, on error, can the error be just above the comments box and not at the top of the page? Also, could you href the comments box to go directly there on error? As it is right now, if I forget my email addy, I almost missed the error message and then had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to correct it. Actually, it’d be really nice if on submit it just spit you back to the bottom of the comments anyway. That way you can see what comments you missed while composing yours without all the scrolling.

  77. The squirrels are dead, but the trolls are alive and well at the Battlestar Galactica thread.

  78. A bigger problemb is the lack of ao preview option.

    OK,not like anybody actually uses “Preview” but stlil…

    Also, it won’t even accept my traditional “myob@myob.myob” address. Since Dave W. was using “” last I checked, the “.com” ending is clearly unacceptable. I’ll use “.net” instead.

  79. The font size is a bit small when using Firefox.

    I have no idea what thoreau’s prbrem is.

  80. Robert wrote: “Does that mean that you, the columnists, now have to run on the wheels to power the thing?”

    That’s what the interns are for.

  81. Lets see here…

    test 1

    test 2

    pretend quoted text
  82. Let’s try that again.

    pretend quoted text

  83. Indentation tags don’t work.

  84. I feel like I’ve walked into the wrong apartment by mistake. It’s the same environment, but all the furnishings are different. I guess it’ll take a few days to really feel at home again.

    Not that it’s a bad change, mind you.

  85. henry david, didn’t you learn anything from that night you spent in gaol? Use .gov, m’boy. Mess ’em up.

  86. Seeing the gallery of Reason covers is interesting, but the cover for June 2004 isn’t right. It looks nothing like the cover of the issue that I received.

  87. I miss the double posts. Gave me a chance to think through what I was reading.

    Can one pay extra for them?

    Can one?

  88. Please put back at least an option to see all recent Daily Brickbat on a single page – it’s annoying to have to click back through each one until I find the last one I read.

  89. The more recent staff hires (Balko and Weigel) are not up on the about us page, despite the fact that the biographies exist.

  90. okay, nevermind.

  91. Best improvement – putting the author’s name before the comment. Troll auto-skip.

  92. Please also register my vote for a preview button and a change of color for the visited links. I’m also checking the e-mail choices.

  93. Oh, and how about having the comments link send us to the top of the comments instead of the top of the article?

  94. Please remember my name. Please.

  95. I kind of wish there was a way to quote older comments, but eh, it’s not a big deal. Oh, and if you’re using a fake email address, use example.{com,org,net} – that’s what it’s there for.

  96. I don’t like the way the daily BrickBat is now organized – if I fell behind in the past, I could see all of them at once. Now I have to click on them individually to get caught up.

  97. Looking good, though I’m having trouble with the main H&R RSS feed on Bloglines. May be on their end.

  98. Testing to see how paragraphs work.


    Seems good to me so far. Of course a preview function would be good for some, but that doesn’t effect me — I get everything write the firsts time.

  99. And “Remember Me” returns! Sweet.

    • Just putzing around
    • Procrastinating
    • Goofing off
  100. Brickbats on one page again, please.

  101. testin’ 2 — reiterative boogaloo

  102. test of preview function

  103. So now we get to choose again whether to invoke the Preview (Peace Be upon Him) or comment about Submission. Big choice; real freedom, that.

  104. Slava bogu–email addresses don’t display if you put in a URL, right? Spammers would have had a field day otherwise.

  105. Now if we can just get the author element in the RSS feed, we’ll have my last pet peeves solved.

  106. Peachiest would be a signal indicating that a new comment has arrived on a particular thread. I know it can be done because I’ve seen it elsewhere.

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