Get Ready for the New & Improved Reason Online


Over the course of this weekend, we'll be giving Reason Online a long-awaited, much-anticipated redesign and update. On Monday, you'll awaken to find a website powered by quicker servers than ever before and packed with new features such as:

—automatically generated lists of articles sorted by topic and author

—a large selection of syndicated content (RSS) feeds, including Hit & Run posts, all new articles, Brickbats, select topics, and select authors

—printer-friendly and emailable versions of all content

—an end to server delays while commenting at Hit & Run (yes, we killed all the server squirrels)

—a cover gallery of all print issues of the magazine, going back to 1968

 As with all upgrades, we expect that there will be glitches in the coming days (and weeks). Not all older articles will be available during the transition period, for instance, and I'm sure other weird issues will arise.

You can help us fix any problems you encounter by sending emails to