And the Stoney for the Best Stoner Movie Goes To…


The Wash Post reports from the Fifth Annual Stoney Awards, given out by High Times' magazine in an effort

to raise the magazine's profile and boost its ad revenue by luring movie and TV stars into its orbit and making pot seem . . . mainstream. Categories include best stoner movie, best TV series, best actor and actress in a movie, best stoner DVD, best unreleased film, best pot scene in a movie and stoner of the year….

A comic named Doug Benson, of the VH-1 show "Best Week Ever," won Stoner of the Year. He said he'd like to thank his mother and father, even though they would never hear about this award, "so if you see them, be cool." This killed. And so did this joke, which Benson said he wrote not long ago while he was you know what:

"I recently saw a dog in a cage and the cage had a sign that said 'I bite.' And I was like, that is good to know, doggy. But that is not the most important thing about you. You should make a sign that says 'I make signs.' "

More here. High Times' site here.

Pictured below: Stoney presenters Capt. Chronic and Bong Girl.

capt chronic.jpg