And the Stoney for the Best Stoner Movie Goes To…


The Wash Post reports from the Fifth Annual Stoney Awards, given out by High Times' magazine in an effort

to raise the magazine's profile and boost its ad revenue by luring movie and TV stars into its orbit and making pot seem . . . mainstream. Categories include best stoner movie, best TV series, best actor and actress in a movie, best stoner DVD, best unreleased film, best pot scene in a movie and stoner of the year….

A comic named Doug Benson, of the VH-1 show "Best Week Ever," won Stoner of the Year. He said he'd like to thank his mother and father, even though they would never hear about this award, "so if you see them, be cool." This killed. And so did this joke, which Benson said he wrote not long ago while he was you know what:

"I recently saw a dog in a cage and the cage had a sign that said 'I bite.' And I was like, that is good to know, doggy. But that is not the most important thing about you. You should make a sign that says 'I make signs.' "

More here. High Times' site here.

Pictured below: Stoney presenters Capt. Chronic and Bong Girl.

capt chronic.jpg

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  1. Somehow, Cap’n Chronic and Bong girl don’t seem to help the effort to make marijuana seem mainstream.

  2. Was Cap’n Chronic the “Some THING on the wing!” that tormented William Shatner?

  3. No, he’s the apparent love child of Swamp Thing and The Jolly Green Giant.

  4. Dude! Bong girl totally looks like an exclamation point from School House Rock come to life.

  5. Whoa! Her chamber is where?

  6. if i didn’t know any better i’d think high times is a dea publication.

    “see kids? smoking pot makes you a fucking retard with bad taste in everything!”

  7. Dhex,
    If only the DEA were that clever.

    Actually that pretty much sums up my approach to drug education with my own kid.

  8. However, Doug Benson is a fucking hilarious comic.

  9. Hig Times is so extremely leftwing that even most stoners don’t bother reading it. It’s been years for me, but they had this guy called Chef Ra (no relation to South Park’s Chef) who created marijuana recipes no one ever used. This guy was so leftwing nuts, even some of the brain dead stoners complained about him. Even the reviews of music, film and TV are poorly done. This magazine is a rag and the only worthwhile information it offers is on marijuana cultivation.

    They use to sponsor (I don’t know if it’s still going) an annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, where mobs of rude and uncivilized American potheads invade the city and alienate the locals with their immature antics and blatant public indulgance. The idea is to pick the world’s best weed by smoking samples submitted by various growers and Coffee Shops. It’s a joke because once you start puffing and become stoned, you can no longer tell which buds are doing the most damage. After 2 or 3 days of being rip out of their minds, they vote.

    High Times has probably done more harm than good by implying that all marijuana users are stoned-out morons. Some are, most are not.

  10. Check out Cannabis Culture for a slightly higher quality toker mag. It’s the child of Marc Emery – the guy facing extradition for selling seeds to Americans.

  11. Mmmmm . . . Bong Girl.

    I’d stuff her bowl anytime.

  12. Buckshot,
    Too right. I started reading HT in the 80’s right when they started to go bad.

    I buy a copy of CC whenever a new issue comes out, just as symbolic support for Marc Emery. I found out about Marc only after the DEA busted him. I was really amazed at all the terrific info I found on However, the deeper I dug the more the hairs on the back of my neck began to stand up. Ten years ago Marc was a super Randian hero type, and his selling seeds to fund activism was truly inspired. However, lately he’s been wading a little too far into the deep end. He’s gotten way too cozy with the Envirowakos, their holistic health cousins and even witches (as in; medieval healers that were persecuted for their threat to the establishment the same way marijuana users are today). “Bush was behind 9/11” have also gotten a little play from Marc.

  13. jasno:

    I checked out that Cannabis Culture site, looks pretty cool, thanks for the tip. Just glancing at it I recognized an old name, Ed Rosenthal, aka Ask Ed. I can’t believe the Feds are still fucking with this guy, they’re like a pack of pit bulls that won’t let go. Wasn’t he Mayor of Berkely or Oakland for a while?

  14. Besides the shock value, I never understood High Times. You smoke and enjoy talking or waching a movie or something, not smoke for the point of smoking.

    I’s like a magazine just devoted to alcohol, like Modern Drunkard. Funny a couple of times, but not really interesting.

  15. Every xmas i trot out my official Mr Hankie the Christmas Poo bong.
    Its very festive.
    huh/ ummmmmmmm……..oh. (pokes “post”)

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