Aaawww, Does the Little Girl Want a Margarita?


A "unique study" finds that women aged 17-30 in Ireland and England are the world's biggest binge drinkers. The numbers are pretty pathetic: Four drinks in one night, once every two weeks, qualifies a woman as a heavy drinker, and only one woman in three can meet that standard. But it doesn't take much to motivate a government advertising campaign across the pond. The theme this time around? Nice young ladies who drink get sexually assaulted. And in the event that women continue to drink after the alcohol-means-rape warnings, doctors want bar owners to stop marketing to children women:

Doctors also blame the drinks industry for deliberately targeting women with female-friendly drinks and decor. They want ministers to exercise more control instead of allowing the industry to self-regulate.

Ah yes, female-friendly decor. Little known fact: All women become incapable of resistance at the sight of shiny pink interiors. It's the rohypnol of bar design.