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If the G4 Channel's "Icons" squared off against the Sundance Channel's "Iconoclasts," who would win?

Next up for the Icons: Jamie Kennedy

Next up for the Iconoclasts, according to a press release I just got: Eddie Vedder, interviewed by Laird Hamilton

I think that may be a push.

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  1. Jamie Kennedy hands down. Vedder’s a wanker. Even when Pearl Jam was something, he was a wanker.

    Now if Jamie Kennedy were interviewing Laird Hamilton THAT would be a show.

  2. I see ads for the “Iconoclast” show on the side of buses here in New York every day, and the iconoclasts always seem to be people I have never heard of, or people like Isabella Rossellini and Mikhail Baryshnikov, whom I think of as icons, not iconoclasts. Does “iconoclast” just mean “famous person hipsters are allowed to like” now?

  3. Does “iconoclast” just mean “famous person hipsters are allowed to like” now?

    Ding! mitch wins this round.

    I have never heard of either show until now. I went to the “Icons” webpage and saw a clip of Mike Patton ripping on Wolfmother…whateva. He’s probably just mad because recently most of his own music has been horribly uninspired dreck…

  4. dude, did you hear the patton/kaada split?


  5. This was the only reason for watching anything on G4:

  6. dhex,

    No, I haven’t…is that a good “seriously!” or an agreeing-with-my-previous-statement “seriously!”?

    The comment I made was in response to hearing one of Patton’s latest failed efforts: Peeping Tom.

  7. eh, peeping tom’s ok, not really my thing.

    but the patton / kaada thing is like HOLY FUCK YES BLAMMO.

    but, i am not a wolfmother fan, so take that for what you will.

    and i also really like that tomahawk song “god hates a coward” so caveat emptor!

  8. dhex – hmm, pretty interesting but a little too experimental/Mike Patton-ish for me. I used to love that kind of stuff, but I’m way more into funky, danceable music these days. I also like Wolfmother quite a bit, and Queens of the Stone Age is pretty much the best rock n’ roll band out there right now.

    Regardless, thanks for sharing.

  9. lowdog, have you heard the new tv on the radio?

  10. dhex – not bad. I hadn’t heard anything by them before…I’ll have to keep my ears open.

    I actually dj house and breakbeat dance music, which is what I mostly listen to. But I mentioned a couple rnr bands I like above, and of course I like a band like Zeppelin from the old days. Soundgarden was an amazing band. I loved Ministry and Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 when I was younger. Renegade Soundwave is one of my fave bands of all time.

    We’ve got Eagles of Death Metal coming here to Tempe in a few weeks, I think that’ll be fun.

    Oh, and I like some hip-hop, too.

  11. Holy crap, YouTube just ate up most of my day. And I’ve got a buttload of work to do.

    Looks like I’ll be working over the weekend. 🙂

  12. Jamie Kennedy is not, repeat NOT, the hot football hostess from CBS twenty plus years ago.
    She was like a mulatto, very hot, the first one on TV on a regular basis and acknowldged as one.
    Ground breaking, and zipper busting(ha, ha, ha..)
    Anyway I think that should be made clear.

  13. I’m pretty sure this is Jaime Kennedy as in “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment,” a lame show on one of the ghetto networks.

    I miss when G4 was a video game channel. 🙁

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