Who Has the Power?


You know what would really suck? If you were a congressman who had less power than the delegate from Guam.

Congress.org has up a list of "power rankings" for the whole House and Senate. We already know that your vote doesn't count, but now you can know for sure if your elected representatives are just are powerless as you are.

The winners are no surprise–Frist in the Senate, and Hastert in the House. But the losers are more fun. Just to put these guys in perspective, Madeleine Bordallo, the aforementioned delegate from Guam, has an "influence" score of negative 2.50. Below are the representatives with a lower "power ranking" than hers:

i have the power.jpg

Rep. Salazar (D-CO-3)
Rep. McCollum (D-MN-4)
Rep. Barrow (D-GA-12)
Rep. McGovern (D-MA-3)
Rep. Moore (D-WI-4)
Rep. Schmidt (R-OH-2)
Rep. Bean (D-IL-8)
Rep. Cleaver (D-MO-5)
Rep. Lipinski (D-IL-3)
Rep. Matsui (D-CA-5)
Rep. Campbell (R-CA-48)

Go here for the nuts and bolts of the ranking mechanism.